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2015 ESSENCE Black Women In Music Sponsored By Lincoln

2015 ESSENCE Black Women In Music Sponsored By Lincoln


I am so excited about the upcoming ESSENCE Black Women In Music sponsored by Lincoln coming up tomorrow in Los Angeles.  They have partnered up to celebrate the incredible Jill Scott who happens to be one of my FAVORITE singers! In fact, when I was in high school running for Homecoming Queen, I  danced to a Jill Scott song for my talent portion. I love all of her music, her acting, pretty much everything about her lol.

“Jill Scott is the quintessential ESSENCE woman. Like many of the female artists who inspired her – she has touched the collective soul of women across generations,” said ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Vanessa K. DeLuca.

I am so excited about this event! My other favorite singer Brandy will be performing and while I have seen Brandy a couple of times in person, I have never been to a live performance. I am heading to Los Angeles today to attend the event and I am super excited about the opportunity! I hope I get some great interviews!

This is Lincoln’s sixth year partnering with Essence for this event showcasing amazing Black talent. While I am there, I also get to check out the newest Lincoln MKX while I am there.  Last year I got a chance to check out all the dope features of the car and I am super excited to get to know more about it. (I drive a Ford SUV so I can keep it in the family lol) They will be launching something new I can’t wait to share 🙂

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