2 French Braid Hair Style- Another Simple style

Another easy go to style that I used to do alot last summer is two french braids and then I wrap them around and secure with a bobby pin. I took freshly washed hair and made a part down the middle. I used several products from the Sof’N Grow line.

All of their new Milk Protein & Olive Oil Products contain:

  • Milk Protein to soothe the scalp, and strengthen and add shine to your hair
  • Olive Oil to promote a healthy scalp, repair damage and add even MORE shine
  • Omega 3 (with the exception of our relaxer kits) to strengthen & protect your hair.

I wanted a great foundation for my simple Protective Style.

This is about the 3rd or 4th day. I plan on keeping this in until maybe Friday or so. It is just much easier for me to put on a hair wrap, and then in the morning take it off and go. This is very easy.