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The @CantuBeauty Crew Kickoff Weekend! #CantuCrew

The @CantuBeauty Crew Kickoff Weekend! #CantuCrew


This weekend was lit! I got a chance to head to NY and host the 2016 kick off  of my campaign Curly & Fit.(more details and fun recap of the class and how you can catch the next events in Atlanta coming up later this week)

Let me tell you about my love for CANTU…my very first natural hair love was the Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. It was something about the product that was ahead of the curve. Even though it wasn’t marketed to natural hair back in 2007 when I started using it, I knew it would be just what my hair needed.

Since then, I have been using a ton of products from Cantu including their line for natural hair. I have tried it all and they have been a super consistent brand. I just did an event with Wal-Mart and they said their number one best seller is a Cantu product. Numbers don’t lie. People love it and it’s been a favorite of mine forever.

It works on all hair types too as you will see from all of the different ladies with different lengths, hair color and texture:


I am about consistency and innovation. Times change, trends happen, new great ingredients for hair are found…and Cantu keeps up with it and offers new products.

I am so excited to be amongst these intelligent beauties who are killin’ it on the internet and in real life!



I am really excited about their new Starter Kit, which for most people they will see it as a way to introduce themselves to the products if you haven’t tried them out. This has Travel Kit written all over it to me!! lol. You know I had to grab one for my upcoming vacation. All the products I need for #TeamCarryOn lol


You will definitely be seeing me try out some different types of hairstyles. Even though my hair has been short for a year now, I am still learning the different lengths. Look out for some different styling options from me.

In the meantime, check out some of my favorite hair products that can be found at Sally Beauty Supply:
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