Q & A With Dark & Lovely On Coloring Hair At Home

Q & A With Dark & Lovely On Coloring Hair At Home
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Prior to the past couple of years, I was dying my hair myself- mostly using Dark & Lovely’s Light Golden Blonde. I mostly would do it to save money. I would color my roots maybe once every 4 months when I had enough new growth.
Since I have been doing the lighter blondes now, I chose to get it done professionally at a salon which I LOVE!!  Sometimes though, since my hair is so much, I am going to dye my hair at home since it grows out so fast and it’s a cheaper alternative in the meantime until I grow my hair our (maybe next year or so)
I reached out to Dark and Lovely Style Squad Member Stephanie McLemore and she answers some of my coloring hair at home concerns and other concerns I have heard from friends. Check out her answers:
1) What are some good preps before you color your hair at home? 
Make sure your hair is detangled first. If this is just a root touch up,  you can put a leave in conditioner on the ends to protect the hair that has already been process, and always read the manufacturers directions.
2) What are effective ways to color your roots only? 
Part the hair into 4 sections for control and make sure you take 1/8 inch sub-sections to be sure to get even coverage
3) What colors are hot for the Spring? 
Glad you asked!! It’s always good to brighten it up a bit to get ready for the warmer weather. We have a great selection of coppers, reds, and blondes check out of color chart at
4) What steps can you take to prevent color fade? 
You can always use sulfate free shampoos like our Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Sulfate-Free Shampoil. Shampoos that have sulfates in them tend to fade color quickly. Also while doing your root touch up, if your color is faded at the ends you can pull the color through at the last 10 minutes of processing time to refresh your ends.
5) What color trends do you recommend doing at home? 
Color trends are fun but not always easiest to accomplish at home. My suggestion is to use unique parting to color different section of the hair. When it comes to more difficult procedures like highlighting techniques,  refer to your professional.
6) How do you prevent your hair from color damage?
Make sure you do not color to often and always follow manufacturers directions. Another suggestion is to visit your professional stylist for regular trims.
7) How do you prevent color mistakes when doing your hair at home? 
For example, uneven color… Coloring your hair can be scary. Be sure to part your hair in 4 sections and take small sub-sections about 1//8 of an inch to be sure to have even coverage. Also use to correct time to prevent over processing. Always follow manufactures directions.