10 Reasons Why You Should Get @Amazon Prime

10 Reasons Why You Should Get @Amazon Prime

10 Reasons

Why did it take me so long to jump on the Amazon Prime bandwagon?? I have no idea. At the time, I felt like I didn’t order from Amazon enough for the $99 to be worth it. My cousin tried to tell me to get it for awhile and I procrastinated. I waited for a “sale” or introductory rate but that never happened lol. I decided to go for it with the one month free.

This was the BEST thing I have done so far this year. Maybe not too good for my bank account since I find myself ordering something every week now lol. BUT, it’s saved me TIME more than anything. I don’t have to drive to the drugstore for paper towels, or to replenish my body wash, or even buying accessories for my camera. I can literally get ANYTHING through Amazon with free 2 day shipping. I even receive deliveries on Sundays.

In addition to this, Prime Now has really been the highlight for me. I can order certain groceries, toiletries, and even sporting equipment and receive it within 2 hours.  I am lucky enough to not live too far from 2 Amazon facilities. So if they have it nearby, I can get it within a couple of hours. The other day I wanted some ice cream and within 2 hours, I have a delivery person at my door. It’s only a $15 minimum so it’s perfect. This is a free service for Prime customers and all you need to do is add tip (at your discretion).

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love Amazing Prime:

  1. Even though its $99 a year, it’s well worth it to get free 2-day shipping on everything (and sometimes free same-day delivery). After probably 8 orders, you would have spent $99 on 2 day shipping. It’s worth it.
  2. Prime Now is an amazing addition. You can order certain groceries and other items for the house and have it within 2 hours. If you are lucky to have Amazon Fresh in your area, you won even more. You can get all groceries delivered. I would NEVER go to the grocery store again lol.
  3. Prime Video The thing I like about Prime Video over Netflix (even though I do love my Netflix) is that you can also download movies. When I have long plane rides, I need movies!! Airplanes don’t offer wifi strong enough to stream movies so it’s best to have movies downloaded on your devices.  They have original series as well so if you get bored because nothing is on TV, try a new show
  4. Amazon Photo You can store images to this cloud to free up space on your devices. That’s a score for me since all of my devices are always super full.
  5. Multiple Payments- I was looking to purchase the Amazon Echo and to my surprise, they offered it in multiple payments. Instead of spending $179.99 at one time, you can do 5 monthly payments of $36. I’m sure this is just because it’s an Amazon item, but either way thats a great perk.
  6. Early Access Amazon Lightning Deals are generally greatly discounted. It’s not $20 instead of $22. It’s usually a for real deal. You get access 30 minutes early to buy stuff before it sells out. I’ve been so sad when I don’t purchase the Lightning Deals when I see them. When they are up, the price goes back up to their original price :/
  7. Free Streaming Music  You can cancel all of your other music subscriptions. You have everything on this. It’s included in the price. You can listen to their stations and curated playlists based on what you listen too, and pretty much everything else. Download the songs so you can listen to it at times that you don’t have wifi or service. Sounds like your plane ride just got easier.
  8. Saved Time I literally haven’t had to go to the drug store or grocery store much since I started Amazon Prime. If I am about to run out of toilet paper, no worries. It’s at my door within 2 hours. After work, I just want to go home. I don’t want to stop multiple places to get all of my items. I can order snacks, packing gear, fitness equipment and everything and I don’t have to go anywhere. Thats a win.
  9. Did I mention that everything is on Amazon? I mean…the most random things I look for, they are on there. I have these organic lollipops I love. They are on there. The Nike’s I saw in the store but held off on. They are on there. Actually, when I am at stores ,I always price compare on Amazon. You can scan the barcode on the Amazon app and see what they are priced at. Last Winter I was at a high end shoe boutique. I immediately searched the shoe and it was $100 cheaper on Amazon!!
  10. I mean…2 day shipping. Again, how awesome is that! Who wants to wait to get items a week later?? It’s weird having Amazon Prime and ordering something from another company and having to wait. lol. No need to wait anymore. Amazon Prime is it.

They also have access to 800k e-books if you prefer e-books. I am a audio book girl, but for those that like e-books, that’s a win.

Soo… are you sold? At least check out the 30 day trial. It’s totally worth it. Pace yourself lol.