1-on-1 Makeup Lessons With Mimi J At The Glamatory

1-on-1 Makeup Lessons With Mimi J At The Glamatory
Photo Credit: ImagesByKennedy
Photo Credit: ImagesByKennedy

Earlier this week I set up a one-on-one session with makeup artist Mimi J who does amazing work on celebrities, brides, & the everyday woman. She has done my makeup a couple of times and I always love how it compliments my natural look. I set up a class with her at her cosmetic boutique The Glamatory so I can get a better understanding of placement, tips for application, & winged liners lol.

I had several questions ready to go. I can watch Youtube all day, but it’s nothing like a makeup artist doing one side of your face and then guiding you while you mimic the look on the other side.  You can’t really ask Youtubers questions because it’s 1,000 other girls asking questions lol. An in person one-on-one was definitely something I needed as a blogger, a woman in her 30’s who doesn’t wear makeup most days, and just someone who wants to look good on a daily basis.

What I learned and what I will be working on:

  1. How to get the perfect placement for a winged liner. I have been trying a winged liner for years and sometimes I do okay, and other times it’s a hot mess. She broke it down for me. I am going to practice.
  2. Mix my thicker foundation with moisturizer.
  3. She gave me step by step on how to get clean, natural looking brows. I also had been afraid of using concealer on the bottom and top of brows because I feel like I am heavy handed. She showed me how to do it lightly.
  4. I learned that I am heavy handed with product when I am placing it on my face (blush for example). I need to constantly move the brush so an abundance of product doesn’t go to one section.
  5. I found my new favorite color! PnkDigger Sweat Carolina Tea. I had seen this on their Instagram for awhile but wondered what it would look like on my complexion. I’m digging this color alot.
  6. I can do a dope eye with just 2 or 3 colors. I basically mentioned to her that I want something easy for me to do at home. I’m lazy, I don’t like getting up early, and I have limited times in the morning for makeup. She showed me a quick way to rock three colors in no time.

I love The Glamatory! It’s so cute inside. They also sell amazing products. I picked up a concealer brush and of course the PnkDigger Carolina Sweat Tea!!

Check out how I did (on the right side lol).

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.44.40 PM

I’m gonna work on that liner and perfecting a 10 minute face for myself! I am also really loving the foundation we used! BECCA Cosmetics The Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme. I think I might pick that up for evening events.

I had a great time. Her prices are good for one-on-ones and for group classes. You can find the class rates here.I chose to do this class because it’s hands on. She demonstrates it on one side of your face and you do the other side of your face while she gives you great tips.

Tip: They also offer classes monthly called The Beauty Hour that is $50 that is a demonstrative class with light bites and drinks. You also get a $20 gift card for you to make a purchase that day. The Beauty Hours range from Fall looks, to eyeliner techniques, to makeup for work. Sign up for their mailing list to get the info.

The Glamatory

1675 Cumberland Pkwy, Suite 408
Smyrna, GA 30080

They are open Wednesday-Sunday. Check them out and follow MImiJ on Instagram to see her different looks @MimiJOnline