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@2Chainz Haunted Pink Traphouse Is Here! (Georgia)

@2Chainz Haunted Pink Traphouse Is Here! (Georgia)

Remember 2 Chainz Pink Traphouse last year for his album Pretty Girls Love Trap Music? Well it’s back!! This time it’s in collaboration with 13 Stories, a popular haunted house in Newnan, Georgia.

(Last year in Atlanta)

I happen to live in the south so it’s about 40 mins for me so it’s a hike! It was well worth the trip. I hit up the sneak peak this past Wednesday before they opened and got to check it out.

First mistake, my hair was straight. I knew better. I knew I would be running and sweating. I… knew… better!

They started with drinks in the side room. From there, they had cool attractions like scary women running up on me, and even had a coffin that you could lay in and they would close and it would move. There was a video camera inside so you can see the persons reaction. I don’t play like that so I was not even going to lay in a coffin!

My co-worked Jah and I got ready to go through the main attraction. Now… I was actually screaming and jumping before we even got in there so you already know how this was going down.

Snakes jumped out at us. Chainsaw sounds came at us. Scary people running toward ya. It was SCAR-RY! I’m not going to give it all away – but you’ll hear 2 Chainz music in the background in some rooms and even see some super Atlanta or Traphouse-y type of shenanigans.

I truly loved the way they incorporated 2 Chainz and the Traphouse into this haunted house.

Oh, and the car is in front again as well… but this time it’s a pink hearse!

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